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The Necronombox Custom Sculpted Boombox

This Necronomicon inspired boom box was made by Josh Marlar, and it may make your party guests a bit squeamish when you bust it out for an impromptu late night karaoke session in the kitchen. It uses a Lil’G Mini Boombox as the basic structure, then Josh sculpted the horrifying features out of Sculpey. The eyes are [...]

The Late Movies: West Wing’s CJ Cregg

When it comes to strong ladies on television, there’s lots of examples: Murphy Brown, Maude, and that girl played by Marlo Thomas are just a few notably badass fictional female characters. One of the toughest, though, is White House Press Secretary CJ Cregg, played by Allison Janney on West Wing. Here are some of her [...]

The Inventor Of The EBook Reader Is….Tom Hanks?

Here we see the true inventor of the ebook reader-Tom Hanks, or more precisely the character Josh Baskin that Mr. Hanks plays in the movie Big, holding up his proposal for the invention that was way ahead of its time. Too bad Josh went back to being a little kid before he could see a profit [...]

Accidentally Public Proposal

(YouTube link) Josh Mullins asked Ashlee Baldwin to marry him as soon as she picked him up at the airport. Meanwhile, a local TV news crew was broadcasting just down the sidewalk. The crew spotted Josh and Ashlee in the background of the shot and knew what he was doing. The reporter then just had to [...]

Message in a Bottle

When Josh Baker was 10 years old, he dumped an entire bottle of his mother’s vanilla extract down the sink. He then wrote a quick note that said, “My name is Josh Baker. I’m 10. If you find this, put it on the news. The date is April 16, 1995.” He stuffed the note inside [...]

Taking the Plunge

(YouTube link) Josh proposed to Brook and took the idea of a “leap of faith” to a ridiculous level! I don’t think her “No way!” is a rejection; I think she was only shocked and probably trying to lower her blood pressure. -via I Am Bored

Summer Solstice 2011

(vimeo link) The sun has reached its northernmost peak, as of 1:17EDT, so we are officially into summer now. It you live in the southern hemisphere, you’ve just passed the winter solstice. In honor of the occasion, Josh Cohen put together this short and sweet greeting. Link -Thanks, Josh!

Six-Word Fact Contest Winners!

Time to settle up our Six-Word Fact contest! The following people have all won mental_floss t-shirts. (Except Josh, who’s married to one of our researchers. Sorry.) I’ll be in touch about your prizes! Before sportscars, Ferruccio Lamborghini built tractors. — Junell * Indiana’s official state beverage is water. — Kristen * Twinkies originally had banana cream filling. — @ObitoftheDay * Eric Clapton lives in Columbus, [...]

That’s a Big Fish!

(YouTube link) Captain Linda Cavitt caught some footage of a 20-foot basking shark from the safety of the pier in Panama City Beach, Florida. Josh, the kayaker, was a bit closer. yes he was eaten part 2? is coming….j/k no it’s a docile basking shark, they eat plankton. The kayaker did jump in the water and swim [...]

Sledding Winch

As Paul Overton puts it grandly “For centuries, man has been looking for a way to go sledding without all the pesky exercise, and Josh has found it!” Indeed he has. Josh of Cycle Karts rigged a winch to a 8 hp go kart engine so that people could sled down be hauled back without [...]