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Siri Will No Longer Tell You Where to Find Prostitutes

Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant application built into the iPhone 5, is programmed to answer your vocalized questions. But for users in China, there are some questions that she will no longer answer: The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated personal assistant on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as “Where [...]

Sneakerheads: A Brief History of Sneaker Collecting

For many of us, buying a pair of sneakers is a chore. But for a sneaker collector, there’s no greater joy than a fresh pair of kicks. Here’s a look at this growing subculture, whose members are proud to call themselves “sneakerheads.” From B-Boys to Sneakerheads Sneaker collecting got its start in the late 1970s [...]

10 Peculiar Things Public Schools Have Banned

We’ve all heard stories about schools banning books or gang-affiliated clothing, but there are many less-publicized bans in effect. Here are ten of the more interesting cases. 1. Pogs Remember Pogs? The game featured cardboard discs printed with some kind of design on one side (sometimes a TV show or company promo), and was played by stacking [...]

Rent in Klingon

(Video Link)  Comedian Rachel Bloom sang a Klingon language version of “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent. Nice, eh? Well, YouTube commenter Jordan Wright points out the obvious problem: The Klingon year is 384.2 days long or 553248 minutes, not the 525600 as the original lyrics would have you believe. -via The Mary Sue

Millenials Say Thanks But No Thanks to Cars and Houses

Every generation is different, but in America, there’s one thing that is constant: our love of cars. Owning a car has been a celebrated rite of passage for Americans since, … well, since the [...]

Toilet Paper Ads

Captive audience and a territory not flushed with competitors are the dreams of advertisers. So when Jordan and Bryan Silverman came up with the idea of printing ads on toilet papers, they "rolled" with [...]

Actors Studio Remixed: 10 Questions

(vimeo link) On the TV show Inside the Actors Studio, host James Lipton asks those same questions of every guest, and many give the same answers. It’s almost as if they’ve seen the show! This remix by Jordan Laws makes them all quick, to the point, and downright easy to dance to. -via Nag on the [...]

Awkward Family Photos Contest Winners!

We’re so excited to have the Awkward Family Photos Game in our store that we partnered with to run a contest to give away copies of the game! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we posted awkward photos from the game along with caption prompts. We asked you to post your best responses to the prompts [...]

11 Household Items Made Into Prom Dresses

Industrious ladies have always taken to designing and creating their own prom dresses, but generally that just means sewing a few pieces of fabric together. For the truly crafty and clever, though, the materials for a one-of-a-kind dress can be found around the house. 1. Duct Tape The most common oddball material for prom dresses and tuxes [...]

Sanguine Artworks By Jordan Eagles

When it comes to working with blood, the main drawback tends to be the limited supply of fluid medium pumping through the artist’s veins. Jordan Eagles has found a way around this limitation-he uses cow blood collected fresh from slaughterhouses so he never runs out of the red stuff. It looks the same, has the same warmth [...]