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Man Paid School Tuition with Mail-In Rebates

It sounded like a plot straight out of Seinfeld, but Jonathan Hood really did pay his school tuition with mail-in rebates. Most companies send rebates in the form of prepaid debit cards, while [...]

Would You Like to Wear These Crocs?

I’ve never worn crocs, but I’ve heard that they’re comfortable. Now I’m not sure why. This pair was made by an Amsterdam-based artist who goes by the name “Sit.” Link -via My Modern Met | Photo: Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Super Wedding

Jessica and Jonathan Carroll tied the knot in true super hero style, although DC comics might be surprised to see Superman marrying villain Harley Quinn, as the two appeared at the nuptials. Read all about it and see more wedding photos at Geeks Are Sexy. Link

‘Klingon’ helps man deal with dyslexia

50-year-old Jonathan Brown has spent 12 years learning how to speak the fictional Klingon language. “It helped me identify my problem and found a way …

Jonathan’s Starbucks Card Wants to Buy You a Drink

This is Jonathan Stark’s Starbucks Card and he wants you to use it to buy yourself a coffee. Really, he does. So, feel free to head out and get yourself a strong cup of joe or a latte on him. What’s the catch? Well, technically there isn’t one. If you take your free drink and [...]

178-year-old tortoise is oldest animal

Jonathan the tortoise is the oldest known animal alive today having survived for almost two centuries. Jonathan arrived on the South Atlantic island o…


As an American, sometimes it’s tough to know which commonly-used words and phrases are particular to America, and sound strange in other parts of the world. There was a fascinating round-up of “Americanisms” on this BBC blog the other day, and I wanted to share a few here. Some I find surprising — what, you [...]

Chocolate Kitchen

Chef Alain Roby stands in front of a replica he made of his kitchen, built entirely out of chocolate and sugar, in Geneva. (Keri Wiginton, Chicago Tribune / March 2, 2011) Geneva chef Alain Roby once built a 20 foot high chocolate skyscraper. He has now constructed a life-sized chocolate replica of his own kitchen made [...]

Lost Diamond Ring Found Inside Dog

Karen Woolley of Thrumpton, Nottinghamshire, England, couldn’t find her diamond ring she had taken off while she bathed the night before. Their four-month-old puppy Barney was a suspect. So Woolley turned to modern technology to find it. “My husband Jonathan and I were searching everywhere, and then he had the idea of using the metal detector. “We [...]

The Late Movies: Red Pandas

A video of a red panda trying to reach a doorknob charmed everyone who saw it this week. Red pandas are possibly the cutest animal on earth. Let’s take a good look at these little balls of fluff. Red Pandas Can’t Jump The little jumping panda’s name is Yuta. He lives in Japan. * The Red Panda Hop Jonathan “Song-A-Day” [...]