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The Origin of the Wonderlic Test (and Which Manning Scored Higher)

© David Bergman/Corbis If book smarts translated to field sense, NFL coaches would be desperately recruiting mathletes. But a soaring SAT score is the last thing you need to excel on the gridiron. According to Jonah Lehrer, author of the 2009 bestseller How We Decide, “The velocity of the game makes thought impossible.” Instead of thinking, athletes [...]

How Random are Scratch-Off Lotto Tickets?

I’m not a lottery player — I don’t like throwing my money down a statistical hole in the ground — but I’ll admit that on occasion I have been the recipient of a scratch-off lottery ticket, and I have scratched it, and haven’t won anything. What a bummer. But I recall one occasion as a [...]

Nature vs. Nurture Depends on Wealth

The debate over which is more important, nature or nurture, has been raging for decades – but a new study has hinted on the answer: it depends. It depends, that is, on the wealth of the parents: In children from poorer households, the choices of parents still mattered. In fact, the researchers estimated that the home environment [...]