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20 TV Show Intros (Awesome Enough to Watch Over and Over)

Johnny Cat, “some guy on the Internet,” compiled a list of his favorite TV show introductions, with links to each one in case you want to check it out. In some ways, the list is a nostalgia trip, but there are also some fairly new shows. Which is your favorite? Or do you have a [...]

Cat Attacks Meowing Birthday Card

(Video Link) Lulu hates cats that hide inside singing birthday cards. Be sure to watch until the end to see how passionate is her animosity. -via Johnny Cat

Signing Off

My flossy friends, This week marks five years since I started blogging for mental_floss, and a great five years it has been. It’s been a privilege to work with and write for some of the smartest people on the Internet, and to have such a sharp but supportive group of regular readers; you guys have always [...]

Johnny Cat Climbs Today

Neatorama author Johnny Cat stopped blogging for a while because he is busy training to become a wind turbine specialist. He recently started posting updates at his blog The Litter Box, where we find that he is going to climb his first tower today, a 75-foot training tower at Northwest renewable Energy Institute. See a [...]

Megwin Guy Juggles: What Just Happened Here, Folks?

This moment in WTF is brought to you by Johnny Cat’s blog The Litter Box. Now, can someone tell me what in the world is the Megwin guy doing? What just happened there? Link [embedded YouTube clip]

Olympic Sport Suggestion: Parkour

Photo: geishaboy500 [Flickr] Neatorama’s own Johnny Cat has got the best idea concerning the Olympics that I’ve heard in a long time. Here it is, in his own words: After some dull moments in beach volleyball, I realized the Games could use a little perk in athleticism, namely the greatest new sport/subversive activity: Parkour Sure beats skateboarding. IOC, [...]

Movie Poster Mash Ups

(L) B3ta user Mighty Nibus; (R) hYpe Back in July, the B3ta community created some of the most creative movie poster mash-ups I’ve seen in a long while. As the two examples above show, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best (of course, it helps to be mad genius photoshoppers): Link – via The Litter Box [...]