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Stars and Stripes Forever

(YouTube link) This graphic version of John Philip Sousa’s song “Stars and Stripes Forever,” performed by the the RFCM Symphony Orchestra conducted by Dr.Keith J.Salmon, allows you to visualize how the song is constructed. Don’t miss the dancing piccolo part at 2:02! The Music Animation Machine YouTube channel has many other songs graphed this way. Link [...]

On This Date in 1886, Grover Cleveland Married 21-Year-Old Frances Folsom in the White House

© CORBIS The only president to serve two non-consecutive terms was also the only president married in a White House ceremony. Grover Cleveland was 49 and a little more than a year into his first term when he married 21-year-old Frances Folsom. The wedding was a simple affair, attended by close friends, family, and cabinet members [...]

Americ-NYAN Cat

(YouTube link) Nyan Cat gets a makeover for the Fourth of July! Music by John Philip Sousa. -via Buzzfeed Previously: “Stars and Stripes Forever” on trombone, by the Muppets, and barbershop quartet style.