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10 Artists Who Work in Trees

Trees are exceedingly useful. They clean our air, cool our communities, and make the landscape beautiful. We use them for food, shade, building material, fuel, erosion control, barriers, and many other things. Some look at trees and see an art medium, a canvas to express something we wouldn’t otherwise see. And there are quite a [...]

Growing Chairs

Amazing 1900’s green creativity from John Krubsack who decided to grow chairs! It took him eleven years to bend and graft stems and brances of  elder trees into the shape of a chair before it was ready for ‘harvesting’. Krubsack is said to have said the chair was ‘cemented by nature’. Link – via cakeheadlovesevil From the Upcoming [...]

Living, Growing Architecture

“QUANTUM SHOT” #587Link – article by Dylan Thuras We welcome our guest writer, Dylan Thuras of the Atlas Obscura, with a spell-binding tale of the “living architecture”‘ the world over, a tale which deserves to be told (and learned from, by modern architects) Living Architecture: Growing your house, one chair at a time Plants are amazing: they provide [...]