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That is All: John Hodgman’s Transcendent Final Audiobook of Complete World Knowledge

Today marks the beginning of the end of audiobooks. But don’t cry — there is still time to buy the last audiobook you will need before the coming global superpocalypse. You see, John Hodgman has released his final audiobook of complete world knowledge: That is All. It is full of jokes, celebrity [...]

Going Viral: How Two Pakistani Brothers Created the First PC Virus

by Jason Kersten Before vigilante hackers like Anonymous tamed the Internet, two brothers started their own fight against software piracy. Their weapon: the first PC virus. Twenty-five years ago, students at the University of Delaware began experiencing strange symptoms: temporary memory loss, a lethargic drive, and fits of rage. This wasn’t just any old flu—it was the [...]

The Missing Links: Stock Photo or $4.3 Million Masterpiece?

Time For Another Round of Everyone’s Favorite Game: “Stock Photo or Disgustingly Overpriced Masterpiece” Surely that photo shown above must be the former, correct? It has to have cost a few bucks at the most, yeah? There’s no way that sold for $4.3 million, right? I don’t understand the world. * John Hodgman’s Quest to WIn The Cheater’s Cup The [...]

Hey Internet, Whistle Along!

In this performance of “Tonight You Belong to Me,” current Mental Floss cover model John Hodgman and feral mountain man rock star Jonathan Coulton deliver a sweet duet, at one point inviting the listener (ahem, the Internet) to whistle along. Won’t you whistle along with them? See also: coverage of roughly the same thing [...]

The Insidious Cost of Ringtone Piracy

I’ve covered the brouhaha over laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. But in this five-minute TED Talk, Rob Reid brilliantly explains what I had been missing all along: Copyright Math™. By going through a series of claims by entertainment industry shills Copyright Mathematicians™, Reid reveals the shockingly absurd “truth” about media piracy: [...]

What You’re Missing at TED2012 Right Now

As you and I sit here like dopes in front of our computers, a swarm of alpha nerds are basking in the Long Beach sun and enjoying TED2012. Only two talks from the show have been released so far, and they have somewhat differing messages: Abundance is Our Future (by Peter Diamandis) and [...]

Dr. Zaius Performing Mark Twain

(Video Link) Actor/comedian/statesman John Hodgman searched the Internet to find a video of Dr. Zaius from Planet of the Apes impersonating Mark Twain. He was rightfully appalled to find that no such video yet existed. Hodgman held us, the people of the Internet, responsible for this grievous omission. But in his mercy, he has forgiven us [...]

John Hodgman on mental_floss: “Much Better Than Poking Your Brain With a Stim-U-Dent.”

John Hodgman had some nice things to say about mental_floss this morning. He also left a comment under another post to explain his frustration over e-books. This picture is proof that we did, in fact, put his words on the company fridge. Here’s the only other thing to achieve “hung up on the company fridge” status: If [...]

John Hodgman: The Deranged Millionaire

I’ve been working my way through John Hodgman’s final book of complete world knowledge, That Is All, for a few weeks now. It comes out November 1 (11/1/11), and I’ll have a complete review then. But I’m here to tell you today: this is the best final book of complete world knowledge [...]

Forget Printing Money, Let’s Print Kidneys

In a recent TED Talk, surgeon Anthony Atala printed a prototype human kidney, using living cells and an 3D inkjet printer, onstage. When this happened, TED attendees took note. John Hodgman wrote: “A doctor just literally printed out a human kidney. I hope we are all going to get one in our gift bag.” From the [...]