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Cold War: The Legal Battle Between Good Humor and the Popsicle Corporation

Advances in refrigeration technology led to an explosion in the world of ice creams and other frozen treats in the early 1900s. The ice cream cone, ice cream bar, Eskimo Pie, disposable ice cream cup, and ice pop were all invented or popularized within the first two decades of the century. Just a few years [...]

How Kraftwerk’s ‘Computer World’ Predicted the Soundtrack of Modern Life

Maybe Kraftwerk had a time machine. How else could they have known thirty years ago what the ambient symphony of everyday life would sound like? The mechanical chirp of the cell phone. The alert chime of an incoming text or email. The assortment of bleeps, buzzes and bloops that emanate from the microchip-based brains of [...]

The Late Movies: Storm Songs

As the East Coast wades its way out of flooding and other water damage caused by Hurricane Irene, we’ve collected some of the greatest songs about storms. Consider it your On the Way to Sunnier Days Playlist. Thunderstruck My favorite thing about this song is that you can easily adapt it for winter storms by singing “Thunder [...]

Don’t “Chai” and “Tea” Both Mean the Same Thing?

Next time you order a chai tea from your corner coffee shop, take a moment and appreciate your killer multi-lingual skills. After all, etymologically speaking, the words “chai” and “tea” refer to exactly the same thing, just in different languages. So what’s the deal? Almost five thousand years ago, when folks in China started sipping a [...]

The Time John Fogerty Was Sued for Ripping Off John Fogerty

© Henry Diltz/CORBIS In 1993, former Creedence Clearwater Revival singer John Fogerty found himself at the center of a case being argued before the United States Supreme Court. The country’s highest court wasn’t debating whether Bayou Country or Green River was the superior CCR album. Instead, Fogerty was in the middle of an important, somewhat obscure [...]