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The 25 Most Powerful Songs of the Past 25 Years

by Jennifer Drapkin, Kevin O’Donnell and Ky Henderson They’re not the most beautiful songs, or the most musically important. In fact, a few could literally drive you nuts. But the following tunes—some as old as Mozart, others as current as Beyoncé—have fundamentally altered the world we live in at some point in the last quarter century. [...]

7 Video Games Based on Works of Art (or a John Hodgman Podcast)

Video games often feature dumb premises: plumbers must save a princess from a dragon/turtle monster? What’s going on there?! But what happens when video games are based on great works of literature, music, film, and theater — does great art make a great game? Read on for some of our favorites. 1. [...]

The Late Movies: 9 Performances of John Cage’s 4’33″

John Cage’s musical composition 4’33″ (“four, thirty-three”) is considered among his best — Cage himself thought it was his most important. The work contains three movements, all of which contain no musical sounds at all, although the piece is intended to be performed by trained musicians. There is some time between the movements, so that [...]

Tongue Depressors

Great Moments in Shutting Your Piehole QUIET BREW The Roman Catholic monks most renowned for their tight lips are the Trappists, a sect that grew out of the Cistercian Order in the 17th century. At the time, monks at the abbey of LaTrappe in Normandy felt that the Cistercians had become too lax in their pursuit of [...]