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The 50 Best/Worst Childhood Fads

What is childhood but a long string of awesome and asinine fads? Joe Carter forces us to look back at what was ridiculously popular among kids from the 1960s until today. Here are a few of my favorite things from his love/hate list: 14. Garbage Pail KidsWhat made it the best: They were disgusting.What made it the worst: They [...]

The Demanding World of High-End Competitive Horseshoe Throwing

At the highest level of every sport, you will find completely dedicated athletes. Brian Simmons is the one of them. He’s the greatest horseshoe thrower in the world: This is what Simmons is thinking about as he stares down a 14-inch tall stake. He is thinking about the slippery clay, and how he might adjust his [...]

Human Anatomical Terms That Sound Like Places You Would Go See on a Vacation

Samuel Arbesman, a doctoral student in computational biology, can get into all of your nooks and crannies. Like these: Prussack’s SpaceFissure of RolandoMcBurney’s PointAnterior HornAlcock’s CanalHesselbach’s TriangleLoop of Henle Officially, you can get into Hesselbach’s Triangle for free, but the parking fee is outrageously expensive. Read the rest at the link. Link -via Joe Carter | Photo: Female Reproductive [...]

Software Company CEO: "I Won’t Hire People Who Use Poor Grammar."

Kyle Wiens, the CEO of a software development company, gives an English grammar test to prospective employees. Here’s why: If it takes someone more than 20 years to notice how to properly use “it’s,” then that’s not a learning curve I’m comfortable with. So, even in this hyper-competitive market, I will pass on a great programmer who cannot write. Grammar [...]

Marine Corps Mascot Promoted under Controversial Circumstances

Chesty XIII* is an enlisted bulldog in the United States Marine Corps and that force’s official mascot. His recent promotion from corporal to sergeant was almost aborted after Chesty angrily confronted a golden retriever owned by the Secretary of Defense. It was a major breach of protocol that, according to some Marines, indicated that Chesty [...]

1986 World Series Game 6 … in Kenya

[YouTube Clip] Dan Freiman, a Canadian volunteer and baseball fan, knows that his students, a group of orphaned Kenyan children, love two things: going to the field to play sports and making movies. So [...]

The Science of Carrying Things on Your Head

Why do people in some cultures regularly carry heavy objects on their heads? It’s because, biomechanically speaking, head-loading is an efficient means of hauling cargo: Based on studies of women of the Luo and Kikuyu tribes of East Africa, researchers have found that people can carry loads of up to 20 percent of their own body [...]

How Full Grown Trees Are Dug up and Transplanted

(Video Link) It’s called a tree spade — a piece of heavy equipment previously unknown to me but apparently widely available. Here’s one in Berwick, Australia slicing into the earth several feet below the surface, then carrying then entire mass down the road. -via Joe Carter

The World’s Ugliest Buildings

This is the Elephant Building in Bangkok. Is it ugly or an acquired taste? Yeah, I agree: ugly. The Daily Telegraph rounded up pictures of twenty-one hideous buildings around the world. What’s the ugliest building that you’ve ever seen? Link -via Joe Carter | Photo: xophe_g

Living with the Consequences: Safe Driving PSA

(Video Link) If you drive just 5 MPH slower, you can shave 100 feet off your stopping distance. But are you willing to accept the consequences of doing so? This funny PSA from The Midnight Show explains to you in blunt imagery the price you’ll have to pay for your thoughtful, careful driving. -via Joe Carter | [...]