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Lean with It

Paul Octavious’s series Lean with It shows people leaning parallel to trees that have grown at angles. I agree with Christopher Jobson, who suspects that the human subjects are actually falling. Link -via Colossal

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Christopher Jobson sums it up well: It’s amazing how a few perfectly placed gestures, about 20 lines of black spray paint in this case, can completely transform two mundane boxes into something so fun. This piece in Olsztyn, Poland is by Adam Lokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski. It’s right outside your window at night. Link -via Colossal

Thread and Nail Portraits by Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer

Ooh, I love this stuff! Chris Jobson’s Collosal blog has a neat feature of the artwork of Pamela Campagna and Thomas Scheiderbauer of L-able. The duo creates marvelous portraits using colored thread and nails. Check [...]

Calendar Systems

Well, maybe. But I never could get used to the metric system. All those easily-divisible units…. Link -via Christopher Jobson

LEGO Angry Birds

LEGO always brings a lighter tone to gory, violent video games. This display was made by Tony Sava for the LUG Showcase display at a mall in Texas. Link -Thanks, Christopher Jobson!

13 Dogs Jumping Rope at the Same Time

(Video Link) Uchida Geinousha of Japan holds the Guinness World Record for having the most dogs jump rope at the same time. She’s trained thirteen dogs to leap at just the right moment. Link -via Christopher Jobson

Filmmaker Sent Rejection Notice from Film Festival She Never Even Submitted Work to

It’s hard to work in the creative industries. You’ve got to have a thick skin because you’re going to get told ‘no’, a lot. You may even get rejected for things you’ve never asked, as Shawnee Barton discovered. Art San Diego rejected her non-existent submission to a film festival. Here’s a passage from her response: After [...]

Trojan Deer

Kristie Carlisle Duncan, a MFA student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, came up with this whimsical sculpture. It’s a mechanical deer piloted by tiny chickens. Not real ones, of course. But if this contraption rolls up to your front door, don’t let it inside. Link -via @Christopher Jobson


(Video Link) Wakestaking involves maneuvering a wakeboard over a skateboarding course. It appears that competitors are yanked along a tow line and must safely but acrobatically pass the obstacles. Here are highlights from a recent competition in Cologne, Germany. Link -via @Christopher Jobson