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The Only Footage of Mark Twain in Existence

Thomas Edison once said, “An average American loves his family. If he has any love left over for some other person, he generally selects Mark Twain.” Edison and Twain were close friends. In 1909, Edison visited Twain’s estate in Redding, CT and filmed the famous author. The silent footage is the only known recording of Twain [...]

"Would Mahatma Gandhi Have Made a Good Software Engineer?"

And would this be a good job interview question? According to one job seeker, an interviewer at the accounting firm Deloitte thought so. Here are a few others on Glassdoor’s list of the twenty-five oddest questions posed to job applicants during the past year: 2. “Just entertain me for five minutes, I’m not going to talk.” 11. [...]

The 6 Stupidest Job Interview Questions

Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal doesn’t mince words in his cartoon rants, and this set on stupid job interview questions is no exception. To this question, I once answered “My inability to answer questions like that”, and I then challenged the value of the question. I was subsequently offered the job. What’s the stupidest job interview question [...]