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(YouTube link) As Pete Bennett demonstrates, if you want your dog to dance with you for any substantial amount of time, just carry some sausages. But you’d better let him have a bite, or he’ll never trust you again! -via Joanne Casey

The Quick 10: People With Fake Middle Initials

Maybe fake isn’t exactly correct – some of the people on this list really have initials for middle names, they just don’t mean anything. But others have made them up entirely. Read on to see what I mean. 1. Harry S. Truman. His parents were trying to please both grandpas – Anderson Shippe Truman and [...]

The 25 Greatest Internet Memes of 2010

Ah, the memories of a year chock-full of useless and incomprehensible things to occupy your time. These are the internet memes of 2010, causing a laugh or two as they fly around the web. If by chance you’ve missed any of them, you can become familiar with all 25 before someone calls you out as [...]