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Ensuring You Get Extra Tricks This Halloween

Did you read Jill Harness’ list 12 Gross Candies Perfect For Trick or Treaters? Since that was written, candy manufacturers have been busy trying to out-gross themselves again, with new and disgusting ways to fashion and package Halloween candy. See the latest imaginative versions in Jill’s new article at Inventor Spot. Link

Our Top 16 Stories of August 2012

In case you weren’t obsessively refreshing all month, here’s what you missed: 1. 24 Vintage Photographs of Abraham Lincoln Being Awesome, by Lucas Reilly * 2. 11 Geeky Wedding and Engagement Rings, by Jill Harness * 3. 11 Time Traveler Urban Legends That Pretty Much Debunk Themselves, by Bill DeMain * 4. Why Do Olympians [...]

12 Horrible Christmas Gifts To Help Say, “I Hate You”

There’s a danger in buying Christmas gifts without thinking of what they really mean. You might be surprised at some of the available gifts that send an awful message! Our own Jill Harness rounded up some of the strangest items advertised as Christmas gifts that might ruin a relationship because of the implied message behind [...]

The Geekiest Christmas Decorations Ever

Do you have a LEGO Death Star hanging from your tree? Or a LEGO Millennium Falcon? You could, you know, because the web has instructions for putting these together from LEGO bricks you already have! They are part of a roundup Jill Harness put together on The 20 Geekiest Christmas Decorations Ever at Rue The [...]

10 Best 2011 Meme Halloween Costumes

If you wear a costume that illustrates an internet meme, you might find yourself explaining it over and over, but when someone “in the know” sees you and gives a thumbs up, it’s all worth it! Still, this Old Spice Guy shown here will probably be recognized by everyone. Our own Jill Harness put together [...]

Comic-Con Bingo

Those of you lucky enough to be at Comic-Con right now (I’m looking at you, Jill Harness) should not have time to be bored. But if you are, Comedy Central has a great solution for you – Comic-Con Bingo. Even if you play blackout, it should take approximately two minutes to complete. Link via Flavorwire

Comic Con San Diego

Jill Harness is getting ready to cover Comic Con this week in San Diego. I hope she brings back lots of pictures! As a preview, she’s posted a roundup of quite a few products that will be officially unveiled at, or exclusive to, the convention, like this awesome limited edition Nerd Domo. See the rest [...]

Optical Illusion Tattoos

What better way to comemmorate your love of optical illusions than to get it tattooed on your back? Our own Jill Harness wrote the definitive Top 10 Optical Illusion Tattoos over at Mighty Optical Illusions blog: Link – via Rue The Day

A Day at the Fair

What’s in store for you at your local or state fair this year? You’ll get a preview as Jill Harness takes us on a virtual trip to the San Diego Fair. She found out what deep-fried delicacies will be offered this year, and took pictures of strange displays. Don’t miss the chocolate-covered corn dog! Link

A Day at the San Diego Zoo

Neatorama author Jill Harness went to the zoo and brought back lots of pictures of all kinds of different animals. She fed a Galapagos tortoise, collided with an owl, and petted a giraffe! She also looked up fun facts about each of them, which you can read at Rue the Day. Do you know what [...]