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Three Tries, No Jewels

Two men attempted to break into a jewelry store in Beaudesert, Australia, on New Year’s Eve by breaking through the back wall of the building. However, when they went through the wall, they found themselves in a KFC outlet -which was still open! The two took the opportunity to hold up the restaurant, and made [...]

Clockwork Bugs

Remember the jeweler who made that awesome scorpion out of watch parts? His name is Jason Gershenson-Gates, a Chicago-based jeweler, and he is making more awesome bugs.   The son of a “gearhead”, and the grandson of a railroad man, he used to always take apart his toys to see how they worked, but never seemed [...]

Great Geek Jewelry from Etsy

Are you geek ladies lacking in jewelry that reflects your interest in making fun of terrible old movies? Well then, head over to Pica Pica Press’ Etsy store and enjoy their fine selection of MST3000, video game and other geek-inspired jewelry. Link Via The Mary Sue

The Circle of Gold

(YouTube link) South Park shows us where jewelry comes from and where it goes. Commenters who are in various parts of the business say it’s true. -via reddit

Duct Tape Jewelry

Michele Howarth makes and sells rings and other colorful jewelry made of duct tape through her Etsy store Quiet Mischief and Company. She also has a tutorial for sale in case you want to make your own! Link -via Laughing Squid

One Nail Set To Rule Them All

If you put all ten together they spill out the entire inscription put on the inside of the classic One Ring. I don’t know about you other geek gals, but I’d love to wear these to a fancy dress occasion…they’re practically jewelry after all. Link Via io9

Internet-Inspired Jewelry

Do you ever feel like your love of the internet just isn’t obvious enough when you’re away from the computer? If so, you may need to invest in some of the jewelry on this great BuzzFeed list, like these delightful LOL earrings. Link

6 Species We’ve Almost Killed Off For Dumb Reasons

The snail shells above are simply gorgeous, as are the jewelry made from them. The only problem? The snails are being driven to extinction just so people can makes earrings and necklaces from them. That’s not the only idiotic reason humans have been driving certain creatures to extinction, read the rest over at Cracked. Warning: [...]

Mummy Jewelry Box

Mummy Jewelry Box – $10.95 This is not your Mummy’s Jewelry Box. No, wait! It is your Mummy Jewelry Box. With this amazing trinket box from the NeatoShop you can keep your prized possessions under wraps. Be sure to check out all the fantastic Money Banks & Storage items available at the NeatoShop. Link

Cat Hairball Jewelry

Jewelry designer Heidi Abrahamson has turned her kitties’ hair into earrings, a necklace, and a cocktail ring to celebrate National Hairball Awareness Day. Who knew there was such a thing? If you like she’ll spin your cat’s hair into jewels as well. Link