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Why Were CD Boxes So Big in the Early 1990s?

Image credit: Daniel R. Tobias/Wikimedia Commons I was working at Tower Records back in the late 1980s, when the compact disc started replacing the vinyl LP. Beyond the arguments over the analog vs. digital sound (which continue to this day) and the higher price of CDs, there was the added issue of how to display them [...]

See-Through Caterpillar

This jewel caterpillar (acraga coa) is dressed to perfection. Gerardo Aizpuru spotted it in a mangrove area on the Yucatán peninsula. You can find more pictures of it at the link. Link -via Geekologie

Ondrej Pakan’s Stunning Photos of Dewy Insects

How does Ondrej Pakan capture such fascinating images of otherwise boring insects? By being very, very patient. Pakan sits in the rain, waiting for the downpour to end, then snaps these amazing shots of his insect models only seconds after the rain stops. While the effort might seem mad at first, the other-worldly, jewel-like photographs he [...]

6 Movies You Didn’t Know Were Rip Offs

si Jewel thieves decide to steal a load of diamonds at the behest of an older criminal boss. While robbing the jewelry store, an alarm goes off and one of the thieves kills the employees. Blah blah blah … Mexican standoff ends in a massacre, aaaand scene. It sounds just like Reservoir Dogs right? [...]

Hotel boasts $11m Christmas tree

A hotel in Abu Dhabi is celebrating the festive season with a jewel-encrusted tree worth $11 million. Unlike a conventional tree decorated with tinsel…

The Late Movies: Soul Songs

For many religions following Western Christian principles, November 2nd is known as All Souls’ Day, an occasion to remember the dead, especially those who have not yet made it to heaven and need extra prayers to be saved from eternal life in purgatory. In celebration of this holiday, Late Movies brings you some songs about [...]