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Here’s Your Jetpack

Jetpacks have long been a staple of American futurism: we believe that soon, just down the line a bit, we’ll be able to strap on a jet-powered backpack and fly to work. But, decade after decade, no jetpacks. At least not at my house. The “Where’s My Jetpack?” notion is such [...]

How to Make Star Wars Vessels from Floppy Disk Parts

In 1996, there were 5 billion floppy disks in use. How many is that? Instructables user Jetpack5 says, “If you stack them one on top of each other it will reach from here to someone that is tired of stacking up floppy disks.” That’s a lot. He’s putting his to good use. With a few rubber [...]

Segway of the Sky

I have dreamed of owning a jetpack since I was a kid and now it looks as if my dream might come true. New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company plans to produce 800 recreational-use jetpacks per year. On just 5 gallons of gas you get 30 minutes of air time. At a top speed of 55 [...]

Jetpacks: The Future Is Now

If you’re one of those people that’s been complaining about the fact that we don’t have jetpacks yet, it’s time you find a new rallying cry. Jetpacks will finally be commercially released to the public next year. The devices can travel 30 miles in 30 minutes on five gallons of gas. Our future is decidedly capitalist [...]