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Military conducts hypersonic jet test flight

The Waverider jet project aims to fly the aircraft at a speed of 4,300mph, six times the speed of sound. At that speed the plane would be able to trav…

Pilot reports UFO over Kansas airport

A commercial pilot has come forward to claim that his jet was buzzed by a UFO as it came in to land. The anonymous pilot described witnessing a silver…

Internal heat fuels Saturn’s jet streams

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of what is powering Saturn’s turbulent jet streams. On Earth the jet streams are caused by a combinati…

This Jet Powered Go Kart Looks Like Deadly Fun

This jet powered go kart looks like a good idea on paper that can go horribly wrong when you actually get behind the wheel. Built by daredevil/airplane parts salesman Seth Kettleman, this is the perfect vehicle for the YOLO generation, and is guaranteed to burn your face off if you stand too close! Link  –via Gamma Squad

Parked Jet Lifted by Wind

Hey, jumbo jet, where are you going? On May 23, 2012, strong winds of 70+ mph (112 kph) blew through an airplane boneyard in Mojave California and lifted this 747 jet. Mike Massee wrote: Without the weight of its engines, the slightly tail heavy 747 [...]

DRB Pic of the Day: Cold War Jet Fighter

PIC OF THE DAY Link F-80 Jet Fighter in all its Chrome-like Glory! Dynamic angle, beautiful lighting, streamlined, purposeful shape – this Cold War-era plane looks super-impressive in the desert setting (photograph taken near Pima, Arizona): (image credit: Marv Larson, used by permission) Normally I am not a huge fan of HDR, [...]

Airline pilot startled by flying shark

A passenger jet pilot coming in to land was startled by a flying shark over Christchurch in New Zealand. The pilot had been preparing to land when he …

"Jet man" flies over the Alps

Yves Rossy has flown his custom-built jet pack in formation with two aircraft over the Swiss Alps. The 52-year-old is the only person to have ever flo…

Attend Jet Pack School

(Video Link) Are the credits transferable? Can I get scholarship money? Who cares?! Sign me up for Eric Scott’s jet pack school! Piloting a jet pack isn’t easy. You can’t teach yourself safely. Watch the video to see some of the drills that students go through to learn the skill. Instructor’s Website -via Wired

Black widow spiders hitch ride on plane

The deadly spiders were found inside a jet engine after hitching a ride to the UK from the US. An engineer had been working underneath the engine when…