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Facts About Every Student From the 30th Story of Wayside School

Louis Sachar’s Sideways Stories From Wayside School series is still a favorite of elementary-age kids, 34 years after the first book hit the shelves. Each of the three books features 30 chapters — one for each floor of the Wayside School building — and each chapter (usually) features one student. Here are a few facts [...]

Lessons from America’s Greatest Prankster

Hoax master Alan Abel has been fooling reporters and hoodwinking the public for more than 50 years. Here, he reveals a few of his tricks. Most careers aren’t launched by the sight of a cow and a bull copulating in the middle of a road. But Alan Abel doesn’t have a typical gig. One day in [...]

Newest Henson Project Deals With Puppet Homicide

This is the first concept art released for Brian Henson’s latest movie project “The Happytime Murders“, a noir thriller with a partially puppet cast and an adult edge. Here’s the blurb: In a world where puppets co-exist with humans as second class citizens, puppet private eye and disgraced ex-cop, Phil Phillips, is hot on the trail [...]

5 Questions: Animal Genders III

Whether you’re a jack or a jenny, you’ll enjoy this week’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz theme: Animal Genders III

8 Fan (Or Hater) Made Alternate Endings

By now, alternate endings on movies are rarely shocking. After all, practically every DVD special feature area seems to have at least one, if not multiple story endings and they usually are at least a little predictable. That’s why it’s up to the fans, or enemies, of a particular picture to make their own alternate [...]

American Pleasantries

Jenny and Dave Prager brought us First Impressions of the USA last month. Some of the response they received from global visitors to the USA concerned the common greeting, “How are you?” Lakshmi says: “When I set foot at the Dulles airport in DC, the immigration/customs guy asked me how I was doing — and I [...]

Hardcore Museum Ads

The ad above was created by Jenny Burrows and Matt Kappler for their art portfolios. Originally, the logo at the bottom belonged to The Smithsonian. But once Jenny and Matt’s work started getting attention online, the Smithsonian folks decided they weren’t crazy about the free publicity and asked the artists to take down the ads [...]

First Impressions of the USA

Jenny and Dave usually write about impressions of India on their American sensibilities. Now they are turning the tables, and blogging about how the United States appears to those who arrive for the first time from India. They followed the stories of two visitors, and then opened up comments for more experiences. One commenter said: During [...]

Pachyderm Picked Packers

It looks like zoo animals everywhere are going wild for Super Bowl this year. Jenny the elephant, a Dallas Zoo resident, has just given her super bowl prediction. Jenny agrees with Baby Bob the orangutan that the Packers are going to win. The zoo painted watermelons in the team colors, and the five-ton pachyderm sized up [...]

Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011

Free Best Shopping For Dress Carts Shop | Full Discount 2011 Spanish and Portuguese shoppers arrive at Desigual outlets in their underwear… to be clothed for free It’s not the sort of winter sale you would expect to happen in England No Need Discount Coupon. But for theses Spanish and Portuguese shoppers the chilly weather was not [...]