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Bakery Bans Photography

A reader wrote to Jen at Cake Wrecks that the bakery at her local supermarket has a new policy prohibiting photography. She heard that it was because the management was afraid the cakes would show up on “that bad cake site.” In fact, store employees said it was because their cake designs were copyrighted. That [...]

Why Does Bad Weather Aggravate Old Injuries?

Reader Jen wrote in to ask, “Why do old injuries ache during crummy weather?” “Oh, my bones are aching. It must be about to rain.” – Everybody’s grandpa, ever. The idea that certain aches and pains correspond with, and can even predict, the weather is widespread, and has been around since at least the days of ancient [...]

Flash Flood in Las Vegas

Tiffany and I were in Las Vegas a couple of days ago for a trade show, when our flight back was delayed because of lightning near the airport. We don’t usually associate rain with Las Vegas, but occasionally it does [...]

26 Life-Size Versions of Popular Board Games

Everyone’s favorite board games get a whole lot more fun when they’re super-sized. We’ve gathered up a collection of our favorite jumbo variations on classic board games—if you think we’ve missed a good one, let us know in the comments! Candy Land I was surprised there weren’t more life-size versions of the candy-themed game, but the quality [...]

Psychedelic Paper Sculptures By Jen Stark

These vibrant, rainbow colored artworks are by Jen Stark, and they’re made entirely of paper! Some of them look like a portal to another dimension, while others are like a rainbow colored coating for an otherwise drab world. You can see works from her latest show here, and here’s a link to a previous Neatorama post [...]

What Are the Real Odds?

Jen Clarke of West London opened four eggs in a row that were all double-yolked. The odds of such a thing happening must be astronomical -or are they? According to the British Egg Information Service, one in every thousand eggs on average is a double-yolker. They’re not sure how they’ve come to this figure but you [...]

Our Readers’ Best Halloween Costumes

At the beginning of the month, we asked for photos of your best Halloween costumes — the geeky ones, the nerdy ones, the ones of which you’re particularly proud. After sifting through all the e-mails, we’re proud to present our readers’ best Halloween costumes. Enjoy! (40 photos is a lot for one post, so we’ve paginated [...]

Steampunk Mickey Ears

Behold the fantastic (punktastic?) Steampunk Mickey Ear, made by Christina Grey. Our pal Jen over at Epbot has got it, and I’m officially jealous: Link

Miami Comic-Con

The first ever Miami Comic-Con was last weekend, and Jen from CakeWrecks was there with her camera. See a lot more pictures of Ghostbusters, Bat people, zombies, and assorted super heroes at Epbot. Link

Cinderella Reading a Story to R2D2 with Tasha Yar in the Background

Jen of Epbot attended the Miami Comic-Con and took this picture of a little girl in a Cinderella costume reading to R2D2, who chirped and beeped in response. It was only after she started processing the pictures that Jen noticed that Denise Crosby, the actress who played Tasha Yar on Star Trek: The Next Generation, [...]