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The World’s Largest Indoor Photo: 360-degree Library Porn

Bibliophiles rejoice! Prague’s beautiful, 868-year-old Strahov monastery library is officially off-limits to the public, but now you can browse the spines of its books — more or less the sum of all 18th century knowledge — as if you were standing inside it. That’s because photographer Jeffrey Martin spent five days taking thousands of high-resolution [...]

Cockpit Panoramas

Cockpit Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet CRJ700 in Cologne Put yourself in an airplane cockpit! What kind of airplane? That’s your choice, as there are 14 cockpits to select from, from a helicopter to a bombardier (shown here), models from all over the world! Take a look all around in the 360-degree panoramas to get a feel [...]

World Record Panorama of London

Jeffrey Martin shot 8,000 photographs of London and then spent six weeks stitching them together to create this amazing seamless 360-degree panorama of the city. You can zoom in and lose yourself looking at details, or zoom back and admire the city as a whole. The quality of this panorama was impossible to achieve only [...]

World’s Largest Spherical Panorama

I’ve been a big fan of the panorama photos of Jeffrey Martin of 360Cities for a while now, so I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that he has just taken what could be the world’s largest spherical panorama, an 18-gigapixel shot of Prague. Here’s how he did it: I used a Canon 5d mark 2 and [...]

Garbage Collector in Jakarta, Indonesia

Refuse collector, Kota, Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia. in Indonesia Martin Broomfield of 360 Cities took this panorama of a garbage collector/recycler in Jakarta, Indonesia, sitting down surveying his kingdom of recyclables. It was typical to see garbage men pushing carts (like one behind the guy) filled with mounds of bags of aluminum cans and recyclable plastics when was [...]