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Female Pilots Cut From Return of the Jedi

Almost 30 years later, we find out that there were female Rebel pilots in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. Two of them are finally seen in the Blu-ray version just released. Though women fighter pilots were seen amongst the crowd within the Rebel Cruiser briefing room earlier in RETURN OF THE JEDI, it was [...]

Jedi vs. Sith Battle Chest

Jedi vs. Sith Battle Chest – $54.95 Does an epic battle between good and evil rage inside your little one? You need a force strong enough to quell the conflict. Behold the Jedi v.s Sith Battle Chest from the NeatoShop. This fantastic kit includes 2 complete role play sets. Now your child can be a Jedi [...]

Star Wars Iconography

Now that Jedi is a religion and all, Chawakarn Khongprasert (deviantARTist xearslll) came up with the perfect religious icons. Take a look at larger formats over at deviantART: Link [...]

Lando Calrissian: He’ll Fight for You

(Video Link) Have you been injured by a Jedi? Do you have an unresolved workers’ comp claim? The law offices of Lando Calrissian are here for you. He’ll bring you justice and the settlement that you deserve. Call today. -via Nerd Bastards

The Missing Links: Everyone Needs Golden Appliances

The Good, the Bad, and the Jedi Star Wars posters are given a spaghetti western twist. * Jon Daly = John Daly The hilarious comedian Jon Daly is slowly morphing into famous golfer/gambler/partier John Daly. And he hopes Google will take note. Also, years ago I took an improv class from Jon Daly and he’s a helluva nice [...]

Join Now!

Come to the Dark side — we have cookies! The Jedi can offer us nothing but honor and broccoli, as this recruitment poster by Scott Davidson reminds us. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Man jailed over lightsaber attack

A man in Oregon was arrested after attacking customers in a toy store with two lightsabers. The 33-year-old Jedi entered the Toys R Us store with a li…

Jedi Kittens Trench Run

(Video Link) The Jedi Kittens are back! This time, there’s a frantic chase through a trench on the surface of the Death Star (or something approximate) followed by a lightsaber duel. -via Nerd Bastards

Jedi Delinquents

(Video Link) One of Freddie Wong’s best short films was Jedi A-Holes — a brief glimpse into the world of criminally miscreant Jedi. He’s back with the same theme, and the same two Jedi knights causing mischief in their town. via Ace of Spades HQ

The Source of All Knowledge

Bruno Miguel snapped this photograph of Yoda, just moments before he became a Jedi Master. Now you know where he got his infinite wisdom. The best part is that the Yoda in the picture came from the NeatoShop! Link -Thanks, Bruno!