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(vimeo link) The animated short SubWars warns us to respect our elders, because that old man on the subway just might be a Jedi master. Directed by Sean Soong. Contains plenty of cartoon gore. -via The Daily What Geek

"Easy Being Green, It Is Not"

It’s not easy being green, and even Yoda is occasionally gripped with a bit of self-pity. Peter de Sève figures that the Jedi master and Kermit have a lot in common: they’re both puppets, green-skinned, and live in swamps. Link and Artist’s Website via reddit

The Source of All Knowledge

Bruno Miguel snapped this photograph of Yoda, just moments before he became a Jedi Master. Now you know where he got his infinite wisdom. The best part is that the Yoda in the picture came from the NeatoShop! Link -Thanks, Bruno!

Scrabble: How to Confuse and Destroy Your Opponents

Here’s a brief talk by Scrabble Jedi Master Mehal Shah on simple techniques for kicking butt at Scrabble. It’s from Ignite, an event series in which presenters give very brief (five-minute) talks as their slide decks auto-advance every fifteen seconds (that means 20 slides total). There is no backing up, pausing, or digression. You’ll be [...]