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Ultimate Minimalist Movie Posters

We’ve featured plenty of minimalist posters on the site before, but nothing compares to Jed Stoneham’s minimalist posters that are truly as basic as you can get. Link Via  BoingBoing

Who’s the Culprit?

(YouTube link) One of the dogs got into the trash. Was it Jed, Xena, or Tank? I think they are all guilty, but one was not smart enough to get rid of the evidence! -via Arbroath

Reese’s Cone of Shame

Jed Heuer, a Portland, Oregon-based photographer captured this shot. Presumably it was staged. Presumably. Link -via Colossal

BMX Rider Performs World’s First Triple Back Flip

Jed Mildon, 24, of New Zealand became the first BMX rider to perform a triple backflip. He gained the necessary momentum by riding down a 20 meter ramp, then up a 3.6 meter ramp, which launched him into the air. You can watch a video (self-starting) of his feat at the link. Link

The Late Movies: Best of The West Wing

The West Wing combined drama, humor, sharp writing and dynamic characters and wrapped it all up as a U.S. civics lesson. Tonight for The Late Movies, here are a few of my favorite clips. Chief of Staff Leo McGarry, played by the late John Spencer, liked to hold Big Block of Cheese Days—days when people who [...]

Jed I. Knight

A long time ago, in a yearbook far far away … there was a little boy by the name of Knight whose parents must’ve been really big Star Wars fans. So big that they named their boy … Jed I. Knight – via about:blank