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A Few Facts About Larry Hagman

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. TV fans the world over mourned the passing of Larry Hagman, who succumbed after a long, hard-fought battle against cancer on Friday, November 23rd. Rarely does an actor get to create an iconic role in his or her [...]

11 TV Theme Songs That Secretly Have Lyrics

Chances are, you’ve been humming these classic TV theme songs for years. Now you can get their lyrics stuck in your head, too. 1. We mentioned last week that Andy Griffith recorded a version of “The Fishing Hole” – AKA the theme song to The Andy Griffith Show – that was replaced by the all-whistling version. [...]

You’ve Got a Friend in Me?! 4 Bizarre Friendships

This summer, mental_floss co-founder Mangesh Hattikudur read a book called Picking Cotton, the story of a college student named Jennifer Thompson who misidentified the man who raped her. A decade after his conviction, thanks to a DNA test, Ronald Cotton was exonerated. The real twist, however, is that against all odds, Thompson and Cotton are [...]