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The Top 5 mental_floss Quizzes of 2011

This weekend, we’ve been counting down the year’s top quizzes (see #6-#10 and #11-#15). Pay attention to what’s been working, because tomorrow we’ll start accepting suggestions for another installment of Reader-Submitted Quiz Week. What resume wouldn’t look better with “I wrote a quiz for mental_floss” down in the MISCELLANEOUS section? (Plus you can win [...]

Calling All Interns!

If you’re a great writer overflowing with brilliant ideas for stories and quizzes and you’ll be in the New York area this summer, you could be our next intern! You probably have a few questions. Let’s take them one by one. So, what does a mental_floss intern do? Lots of writing. Mainly for, but you’ll be [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Unusual Super Bowl Side Bets

I’m really only interested in football games when a) it’s the Iowa State Cyclones or b) I’m participating in the physical_floss Fantasy Football league, getting embarrassed by Jason Plautz two years in a row. But I’m still interested in the Super Bowl as an event. There are the commercials, of course, but I also get [...]

Odds/Ends: Stuff We Promised to Give Away Ages Ago

We’ve got a couple outstanding giveaways we need to wrap up. At long last, winners have been chosen at random: Brittany gets a copy of Stuff Hipsters Hate, Nick gets a bar of Atari 2600 Geek Soap, and Alana gets a bar of Nintendo Geek Soap. Congrats, everyone! I’ll be in touch about your prizes. [...]

The Quick 10: The Tournament of Roses Parade

This may make me a total dork, but my favorite part about New Year’s Day is getting up and watching the Rose Parade in my pajamas. I’m really not interested in the Rose Bowl itself at all – in fact, I think I’m swearing off football in 2010 following my painful Fantasy Football loss to [...]

Top Quizzes of ‘09: NFL Coach or Dictator (#10)

Editor’s Note: For the next two weeks, we’ll be counting down this year’s most popular quizzes. Coming in at #10 is Jason Plautz’s football coach quote quiz, originally posted October 15th. Listening to football coaches can be a little scary, with their militaristic talk of marching down the field and annihilating the enemy. In fact, it [...]

Stacy Conradt is a Football Genius

The mental_floss fantasy football league’s regular season is over, and Stacy Conradt has made the rest of us look silly. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen this kind of dominance. Can she keep her momentum through the playoffs? She faces off against Brett Savage this week, while Jason Plautz and Allison Keene battle on the [...]