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Mini-Tank Terrain "Shredder"

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Mini-Tank “Shredder” Segway on steroids? Power Rangers dream come true? It’s the Dual Tracked (Military Purpose) Vehicle DTV “Shredder” – part robotic workhorse, part extreme terrain-shredding “board”. Made by the Canadian company BPG-Werks, this must be an ultimate blast to ride: Link Today’s pictures & links: Awesome “Koncept Kar”: Audi One These sculpted, post-modern, [...]

Hi-Tech & Low-Tech Bicycle Madness

“QUANTUM SHOT” #607Link – article by Avi Abrams (with some material by Antoine Van Hove) Imagine pedaling into the sunset, riding these cool machines Nothing like opening a new year with some fresh designs – it clears the minds, refreshes our vision, and simply makes for a great eye-candy. Today we will see some outrageous modern concepts, [...]