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Biopics Recast with Jar Jar Binks

I’m sure you all agree that a little Jar Jar Binks goes a long way to improving your filmgoing experience. Why, just take a look at these 8 movies recast with the famous Gungan. After all, he rose from humble beginnings [...]

Talking to Your Kids About Star Wars

“It’s never too early to introduce your child to Star Wars.” This Public Service Announcement was made to help dads deal with the tough issue of how and when to introduce kids to Star Wars. And what to do about the prequels and special editions. And how to prevent them from liking Jar Jar Binks. Representative [...]

Bombad Bounty

(YouTube link) This Lego Star Wars animation tells a version of the original trilogy in which Jar-Jar Binks messes everything up. -via Boing Boing

Variations of the Who’s On First? Comedy Bit

Our very own John Farrier of The Zeray Gazette has a neat round up of the various permutations of Abbot and Costello’s classic “Who’s on First?” comedy bit. While I’m sure many of you would like the Jar-Jar Binks and Yoda version, I’m more tickled by the Shakespearean version. Awesome? Indubitably. Link