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Mario Takes the Money

What gives, Mario? The cover for this Japanese Mario game shows the little hero giving up Princess Peach to a prince (who could well be a relative of hers, considering they look alike)! But Mario seems happy, as he has a bag of coins that would break a camel’s back. Link

Discomfort Food: The Strange and Twisted History of Ramen Noodles

What comes to mind when you think of Ramen noodles? Dormitories, students, slurping sounds … and cannibalism? Welcome to the dark history of the world’s favorite comfort food. It all begins with two arch-enemy nations, Japan and China. Though their mutual hatred stretches back over the years, when these countries first made contact around 400 A.D., they [...]

Britain’s oldest ballet dancer at 91

A former Japanese POW is believed to be Britain’s oldest ballet dancer and shows no sign of stopping. At 80 years of age, John Lowe bought a house and…

Solar winds triggered by magnetic fields

A new study based on images returned by the Japanese-UK-US Hinode satellite has found that the solar wind generated by the sun is likely to be the…

Maru Makes Faces

Buzzfeed has a video of our favorite Japanese Scottish Fold trying out different faces, from a mouse to a cat to a man! Link


(YouTube link) Leave it to the Japanese to invent a musical instrument with a face that looks like a cartoon character. The Otamatone was developed by toy company CUBE Works and Maywa Denki, an art collaboration of the Tosa family that specializes in nonsense machines. -via the Presurfer