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Sky Color Watch

Here is a watch by Japanese designer Ryohei Yoshiyuki called the “Time of the Sky.” It is designed to help you tell the time by the color of the sky. Although I think it would be confusing, really, it is interesting and does offer those of us who prefer indicators for hours and minutes the [...]

This Parasol is a Sundial

Japanese designer Kota Nezu made a parasol that is a functional sundial. There’s a compass built into the handle to that you can point it in the right direction and get a reading on the time. Link via OhGizmo!

Amazing Furniture for Kids

Stacy Conradt found a houseful of jaw-dropping furniture designs for children, from cute and fun to outlandishly opulent. This whimsical wardrobe is from Japanese designer Hiromatsu. See the entire collection at NeatoBambino. Link