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History, Celebrity, and Literary Dolls

Debbie Ritter at Uneek Doll Designs captures real people in doll form in a way in which anyone would recognize them. Each is hand-painted one at a time, and the selection is incredible! Where else could you get a doll that looks like Percy Shelley or Willie Nelson or Teddy Roosevelt? Pictured here are Thomas [...]

Scientists Who Can Sing

Well, not really — they’ve been autotuned by a talented Youtuber called Melodysheep, who’s made a number of great, toe-tapping videos that make you think, like this one, in which a number of prominent thinkers and scientists discuss the nature of science itself — ultimately characterizing it as “the poetry of reality.” I like that. Alan [...]

Being Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall has studied chimpanzees in Africa since 1960. She arrived in Tanganyika with no training but a lot of enthusiasm for the work ahead. Fifty years later, she is still working for the benefit of the chimpanzees she loves. National Geographic has an extensive retrospective of her life and work in the new issue, [...]

Symphony of Science: “The Unbroken Thread” (Attenborough, Goodall, Sagan)

Get ready for another awesome Symphony of Science video! Yes, that’s right, more auto-tuned scientists with cool music and video. (See previous videos: A Glorious Dawn, Our Place in the Cosmos, and We Are All Connected.) In this installment, it’s primarily David Attenborough and Carl Sagan, though about two-thirds of the way in, Jane Goodall makes [...]