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Sneak Peek #6: Stephen Hawking’s Drive-bys

Our Jan/Feb issue hits newsstands tomorrow (ish), so we’re giving you another reason to go out and pick up a copy! One of the things I love is when you hear stories that make heroes a little more human. The new issue’s got a little feature on nerdy celebs with anger management problems. Here’s the [...]

Sneak Peek #5: The Tunnel That Saved Bosnia

The Jan/Feb issue of mental_floss hits newsstands soon, so we’re continuing with our week-long preview of the magazine’s stories. While I have a vague understanding of the Bosnia-Serbia conflict, the truth is, I know very little about the history. But the story of this tunnel, which was dug under the house of middle-class family man [...]

Sneak Peek #4: Butterflies on the Black Market

One of the stranger stories in the new Jan/Feb issue — just days away from hitting newsstands! — is Ethan Trex’s question and answer piece on the underground world of exotic animal smuggling. The piece answers all sorts of thorny questions about this illicit billion dollar industry, including who’s buying and selling butterflies and baby [...]

Sneak Peek #3: My LOVE Don’t Cost a Thing

The new Jan/Feb issue hits newsstands this week, and we’ve got another preview for you. One of my favorite pieces from this issue is on Robert Indiana, the artist behind the LOVE sculptures featured in various cities and the popular postage stamps. Indiana’s led a wonderful, and sort of heartbreaking life, and I didn’t realize [...]

Sneak Peek #2: Animals at War

The countdown continues! The new Jan/Feb issue is just a few days from hitting newsstands, and we’re eager to give you a glimpse of some more content. This issue, we’ve got a spread on animal heroes who served in war. There’s a dog that earned a Purple Heart, a pigeon that won the animal version [...]

Spectacular Light Painting From Light Art Performance Photography

We’ve featured a number of light graffiti or light painting before on Neatorama, but Jan Wöllert and Jörg Miedza of Light Art Performance Photography took the concept and took it to a whole ‘nother level. Behold their spectacular artwork here: Link