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Why Is It Dark at Night?

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Why is it Dark at Night? Or rather, to rephrase the question, Why is Space Dark?. Very cool, often mind-boggling short video. I’m sure you know all the facts, but this is a good show nevertheless. Link Today’s pictures & links: Old Abandoned “Dome” Theater in Beirut, Lebanon Quite impressive blob-like apparition: called Saboune [...]

Girl’s Dreams

Photo: Jan von Holleben Photographer Jan von Holleben (of Dream of Flying fame) is back: this time to create visuals on German newspaper ZEIT’s feature on dreams [...]

Extreme Parenting & Wild, Wild Kids!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #657Link – by Avi Abrams We have not had a funny pictures round-up for a few months, and this one is dedicated to parents… again. Why you ask, are we so impressed by the extreme efforts and solutions of some parents? Because some children are different and require parenting that is in the same [...]