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James Earl Jones Reads The Raven

(YouTube Link) The guy who gave Darth Vader his voice reads Edgar Allen Poe’s classic poem The Raven, and his booming baritone has ruined all further readings of the poem forevermore. When James Earl Jones reads something, it stays read! –via Gizmodo

The Late Movies: Saying Goodbye to Mr. Hooper

Despite being a puppet show for kids, Sesame Street has always done its best to push boundaries in the pursuit of children’s education. One of the earliest examples of this was when they attempted to teach kids about death after the passing of Will Lee, the actor who portrayed Mr. Hooper. A veteran actor throughout the [...]

R.I.P., The Swordmaster of Star Wars

Bob Anderson of West Sussex, UK, died on Sunday at the age of 89. He was a master fencer who taught lessons while serving in the Royal Marines, then represented his country at the 1952 Olympics. Anderson went on to develop a reputation as champion, both as a fencer and as a choreographer of on-screen [...]

The Late Movies: Christmas with Darth Vader

Darth Vader’s Christmas A Storm Trooper has to think fast when he forgets to get Darth a Christmas gift! * Darth Hates Christmas Despite a cute gift and caroling Storm Troopers, Darth just can’t catch the spirit. * How Darth Vader (Sort of) Saved Christmas It’s the plot from The Santa Clause, starring Lord Vader. * The Sith who Stole Christmas Darth makes a much [...]

Field of Dreams Sold

If they build it, will they come? Mike and Denise Stillman are betting on it: the couple, longtime fans of the movie "Field of Dreams," have just bought the Iowa farm where movie was [...]

The Darth Knight

Hopefully he is voiced by James Earl Jones instead of Christian Bale. Or Kevin Conroy, who was the best Batman of them all. Link -via Geekologie | Photo: Unknown Previously: Bat Vader

8 Memorable Sesame Street Celebrity Cameos

Over 400 celebrities have guest starred on Sesame Street, including actors, musicians, writers, politicians and athletes. The upcoming 40th season will feature appearances by Adam Sandler, Matthew Fox, Ricky Gervais, Judah Friedlander, both Gyllenhaals, Paul Rudd and Michelle Obama. Here are a few memorable guest spots from the first 39 years. 1. James Earl Jones Scares [...]

A Belated Goodbye to Guiding Light

Last Friday marked the end of an era—a very long era—with the final episode of the world’s longest running soap opera and continuous story, Guiding Light. The CBS show closed after 72 years and 15,762 episodes, garnering 39 Daytime Emmys for the show itself and 30 more for the actors and actresses. Plus it launched [...]