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The Late Movies: Usain Bolt Is the Fastest Man Ever

Today, the fastest man ever turns 27 years old. Olympic hero, Usain Bolt was born in Jamaican on this day in 1986. He is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 meters world records since fully automatic time measurements became mandatory in 1977. Basically, he should serve as everyone’s inspiration to get off [...]

8 Underdog Nations and Their Memorable Olympic Performances

This week, the tiny Caribbean nation of Grenada won its first Olympic medal when 19-year-old Kirani James took the gold in the 400-meter dash. With a population of 104,000, Grenada is the 17th-smallest country in the world, and now the smallest nation to win a gold medal. Here’s a look back at eight other great Olympic [...]


(YouTube link) Nisheisha lives in Jamaica, but there’s no chance you will find her home. I have learned from experience that you never trust directions given by children or by people who do not drive. I’ve also learned from experience that those are the people who will ask you for a ride. Oh, they may be [...]

NYPD Blames Occupy Wall Street for a Jump in Gun Crimes

Did Occupy Wall Street cause gun crimes to jump higher in New York City? That’s what the NYPD is sayin’: Four high-ranking cops point the finger at Occupy Wall Street protesters, saying their [...]

The Late Movies: Weirdo How-Tos

Our DIY friends over at Boingboing have an amazing, years-deep archive of how-to-make-stuff posts, which include a great many videos. Here are the coolest and wackiest how-tos I could find. HOW TO MAKE DECAPITATION SPECIAL EFFECTS Making a low-budget horror film in your backyard? This little how-to should prove indispensable. HOW TO BUILD A ROCKET — FOR KIDS! Young [...]

Flying Squid

So far, they don’t have opposable thumbs or laser eyes, but some squid can jump out of the water. Specifically, the Caribbean reef squid can leap 50 times its own body length: Marine biologist Silvia Maciá was boating on the north coast of Jamaica in the summer of 2001 when she noticed something soar out of [...]

History of the U.S.: Rum Punch

Rum wasn’t invented in America, but it proved so popular in the colonies that it should qualify as an all- American drink. It wasn’t the flavor; by all accounts, the batches produced in the seventeenth century were incredibly nasty and dangerous. That’s not surprising, considering the liquor was invented to get rid of the thick and [...]

Diebtribes: The Pineapple Express

• Though often considered (or assumed) a Hawaiian food, the pineapple originally hails from Brazil. By 1493, even Columbus had seen this spiky and sweet wonder, and took it back with him to Europe. Pineapples in Hawaii were like transplanted from Jamaica by the British in 1886 where they have since, of course, flourished. • Pineapples may take [...]

America’s Jiminy Crickett: The Ted Turner Story

After my previous post mentioned Ted Turner’s promotional antics as owner of the Atlanta Braves, a reader suggested I write more about the man who became known as “The Mouth of the South.” In three decades of sports writing, I’ve never come across anyone quite so outrageous. So you don’t have to twist my arm. Moscow, [...]