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Bacon Jam Recipe

Sometimes we cannot sit idly by and wait for the world to package up and offer us yet another bacon-related product. People, sometimes it is up to us, the interweb nation, to get up from our WoW marathon, hit the kitchen and get makin’ with the bacon…jam. According to the article, bacon jam is “akin [...]

Space Jam Was Released 15 Years Ago Today (and the Film’s 1996 Website Is Alive/Kicking)

November 15, 1996, was a big day for movies — both Space Jam and The English Patient were released. Sadly, only one of those movies’ official websites is still up and running. The frame-tastic Space Jam site was found by a reddit user last year. (If I’m wrong about that and there’s an old English Patient site [...]

Riot in a Jam Jar

James Cauty makes miniature scenes of riots and protests in empty jam jars. As you can see at the video link, some of them even feature flashing lights on the police vehicles. You may remember Cauty from his musical career. He was a member of the band The KLF during the late 80s and early 90s. [...]

Coca-Cola Turns Highway Into Movie Theater

Video Link This might make a massive traffic jam a little more tolerable. As part of their “Spread Happiness” mantra, Coke put up a big screen in Bogotá, Colombia, so stranded people could at least be entertained by a movie while they waited for the jam to clear up. Cars not in seeing or hearing distance [...]

Jam Jar Mystery

Boing Boing reader Tyler Bartlett has been trying to understand the odd air pocket in this jar of raspberry jam: I know this looks like we turned this jam jar upside-down and popped in in the fridge. But we didn’t. My roommate brought this to my attention yesterday, and we have no idea how or why [...]

Stuck in a Traffic Jam? Call for a Stand-In Driver to Take Your Place!

Like the proverb says, when life gives you lemon, make lemonade. Some entrepreneurial Chinese are finding that their country’s legendary traffic jam (how bad is t? One was so bad that it lasted for 9 days) actually present unique business opportunities: As wider car ownership leaves roads more congested in the country of 1.3 billion, motorists [...]