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Movies Recast with Cats

Well, everything is better with cats and to prove that, the folks over at Next Movie blog and Old Red Jalopy recasted some of their favorite movies with felines. I’d say they nailed it: [...]

7 Famous Movie Cars As Pixar Characters

By the hand of Old Red Jalopy, we get to see what some classic movie characters -who happen to be cars- would look like if they were in the new Pixar film Cars 2. This one is, of course, the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. See the other six at NextMovie. Link

Comedians As Comic Book Superheroes

Next Movie honors five classic comedians by enshrining them in comic book covers as superheroes, as rendered by the artists at Old Red Jalopy. Besides Steve Martin, see Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Eddie Murphy, and Will Farrell in tights on their own covers. Link -via mental_floss

Oscar Nominee Posters in Lego

Ten movies are in contention for the 2011 Oscar for Best Motion Picture. While we suppose they are all good films, there is no movie that can’t be improved by being rendered in Lego! An art collective by the name of Old Red Jalopy re-created the posters for all ten Best Picture nominees in Lego [...]

Best Star Wars Poster EVAR: The Brouha on Mustafar

The search has ended. We’ve found the best Star Wars poster ever made. The folks over at Old Red Jalopy specialize in creating alt-art for our favorite movies – this one above, inspired by old-school boxing flyers, is called Brouha on Mustafar – via Fanboy (great find, Tim Sheehy!)