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Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie

Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie – $6.95 Are the adventurous type when it comes to your choice of fashion accessories? Just in time for holiday parties, photos, and New Year’s Eve we present to you the fabulous Adventure Time Jake Bow Tie from the NeatoShop. This amazing adult-sized bow tie features Jake, Finn’s loyal companion and [...]

Makin’ Bacon Pancakes with Adventure Time

-Youtube Link- Jake the Dog from Adventure Time (who is voiced by the same guy as Bender) is breaking onto the scene with his new single – Bacon Pancakes New York. Well, not really, it is a mashup originally created by Soundcloud user Marcus Coronel. If you love Jake the Dog, consider checking out this super [...]

"It’s Not His Fault"

You have to feel sorry for redditor MechaArif. He had a birthday with a party and a nine-year-old ate the entire birthday cake. It was my birthday and my friends and family were over, which included my distant cousin and her 9 year old overweight son. We just got done with the pizza and were about [...]

What Lies Beneath The Metal Skin Of Pixar’s Cars

These fun Pixar’s Cars themed internal anatomy illustrations are by Jake Parker, and I think they just made the whole talking car thing a bit creepier. Jake’s illustrations have come a long way from their humble beginnings back in 2008 (link below), and I hope he creates one of these cool diagram for every character. One question [...]

Felted Adventure Time Toys

Ever have the urge to make up your own Adventure Time stories? Well then, you might follow in the footsteps of Flickr user michelleness and make your own adorable felted creations from the series. She not only created these four, but also a long-legged Jake and Fionna and Cake. Maybe it’s just me, but I [...]

Neatorama Caption Contest: Snoozin’ Cat

W00t! It’s time for our weekly Neatorama Caption Contest. Today’s image comes via one of the neatest blogs on the Web, Cute Overload, who wrote: Jake T. fills in the backstory: “This is Mint-kun. He lives [...]

The Terrible Truth Behind Adventure Time

Poor Finn, looks like all those fantastic adventures he’s been going on with his stretchy doggy pal Jake have all taken place within his imagination after all. I hope they don’t pull the plug before we get to watch a couple more seasons of Adventure Time, ’cause it’s one of my favs! What’s that you say? You [...]

35 Great Costumes From WonderCon

This was the first year that the WonderCon (Comic-Con’s little sister) was held in Anaheim instead of San Francisco, unfortunately, that didn’t mean that the weather was any better. In fact, it was pouring the better part of the weekend. While the poor weather and smaller size of the convention meant there were far fewer [...]

Father and Son Adventure Time Cosplay

Thus it always was: Finn was born to adventure and Jake to help him. Fashionably Geek reader Chris took this photo of simple but effective costumes. Finn doesn’t stay this size. No, he gets much bigger. Link

The Origins of Weird State Park Names (Part Three)

When you see these names, you tend to say to yourself, “Does that mean what it sounds like?” In most cases, no. Bong You’ve seen the sign, if not from the highway in Wisconsin, then on the internet. And you’ve heard the jokes about “recreation” involving either a water pipe for marijuana, or more recently a funnel [...]