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Jail’s Gardening Scheme Backfires when Prisoners Grow Pot

A jail in western France allowed prisoners to maintain a garden to grow their own food. Alas, the prisoners decided to diversify their crops: The plants, which had reached a height of around 80cm (two and a half feet) before being spotted at the weekend, were found in vegetable patches located in the exercise courtyard of [...]

Putting Cats in Jail?

No, no one is really locking cats behind bars. Instead prisoners are being increasingly given the option to take care of cats: For one jail in Nebraska, it was as simple as adopting a couple of cats to help the inmates while away the hours in a healthy manner. The inmates are solely responsible for the [...]

Saggy Pants Land Man in Jail

Saggy pants may be a fashion crime, but can they land you in real jail? The answer is yes: Meet Lamarcus Ramsey. The 19-year-old Alabama man was sentenced yesterday to three days in jail [...]

80-year-old woman charged for feeding ducks

Claire Butcher faces a possible jail sentence for bringing food to her local park to feed the animals. Officials had previously warned the 80-year-old…

Surprise! Welcome Home From Jail Party Ended up in 5 Stabbings

Go directly to jail. Don’t pass go, do not collect your "welcome home from jail party" party favors. That’s what happened when a welcome home party for a teen who got released from juvenile [...]

Jail Time for Overdue Library Materials

Christopher Anspach of Newton, Iowa, was sentenced to serve ten days in jail after he pleaded guilty to not returning books and other media to the Newton Public Library. He checked out the items earlier this year and failed to respond when library staff tried to contact him several times. They then turned to matter [...]

Jail: India’s Next Call Center?

The next time you get an Indian talking from a call center on your customer service call, don’t get too upset. Instead, have pity as your counterpart may soon be talking from jail! For a man serving a life sentence for murder, Pradeep Deburma has a slightly unlikely dream: to work in a call centre like [...]

Witches face jail for inaccurate predictions

Witches in Romania could face jail time if their fortune telling predictions turn out to be incorrect. This comes as another blow to witches practicin…

Archie Comics Reimagined as a Prision Drama

Cartoonist Mike Hawthorne made this scene from a different sort of Archieverse — one in which Archie Andrews and his gang are doing hard time. Here’s a passage from Hawthorne’s backstory for the comic: Teen age pregnancy caused Archie’s life to start to slide into the wrong direction. Veronica, coming from a wealthy family, was pressured [...]

He Had to Steal to Pay for His Defense

Michael Elias of San Antonio, Texas has been arrested several times for a string of burglaries over several months. His latest arrest was for two burglaries, one in June and the other in November. Police said they recovered fingerprints from both locations that later proved to be Elias’s. The affidavit shows that after his arrest, Elias told [...]