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WWII War Paint: How Bomber-Jacket Art Emboldened Our Boys

As we reflect on the significance of Pearl Harbor Day, we can learn more about one of the iconic artistic relics of World War II: the decorated leather bomber jacket. The Army Air Corps was filled with new pilots, some just teenagers, who dressed up those jackets with mission counts, cartoon characters, caricatures, and sometimes [...]

Hug Me Jacket For The Cold And Lonely

Wearing this jacket is like screaming “love me, hug me, hold me!” to the world, and will definitely get you lots of attention and pitying looks. Created by designer Si Chan, the Hug Me jacket is a fashion faux pas and a cry for help in one! Link

Ad For Battlestar Galactica Disco Warrior Jacket

You’ll be stylin’ and profilin’ in this Battlestar Galactica Warrior’s Battle Jacket, whether you’re getting your boogie on at the disco or piloting a Starhound Viper through a meteor storm. If this retro magazine ad has inspired you to change up your style with a sci-fi style twist, then head to Ebay, where you can get [...]

Accused Drug Trafficker Shows up to Court Wearing Jacket Featuring Recipe for Crack Cocaine

When you go to court, dress professionally. Well, maybe not if you’re a professional drug dealer: A man accused of drug trafficking showed up for court Friday in Fort Lauderdale sporting a jacket that bore a cartoon-style recipe for cooking crack cocaine. [...] The man’s white jacket looked like a how-to guide for making crack cocaine, with [...]

Baby Santa Jacket

Baby Santa Jacket – $34.95 Are you looking for a festive and fun way to keep your favorite bundle of joy warm this holiday season? You need the Baby Santa Jacket from the NeatoShop. This adorable zippered coat is made from super soft, wide-wale corduroy with satin lining and faux fur trim. Be sure to check out [...]

Your Akira Cosplay Dreams Just Came True

If you are the ultimate Akira fan, and you have a thousand dollars burning a hole in your wallet, then this real life version of the red leather motorcycle jacket worn by Kaneda in the anime feature will soon become your most prized possession. If you can’t afford such geeky luxuries in life, then you’ll [...]

DIY TV-B-Gone Jacket

(YouTube Link) Have you ever tried to have a discussion with a friend at a restaurant but couldn’t hear a thing over the din of the TV? TV-B-Gone is a remote control device that allows you to turn the darn thing off. Concealing it in a jacket allows you to execute your move discretely to [...]

Do You Remove Book Jackets?

I’m going on the record right now: I hate book jackets.* These thin paper protectors look pretty in the store, and they help to differentiate books visually. But practically speaking, I can’t stand them — too easy to tear, lose, or crumple! And if there’s one thing I hate, it’s a torn or crumpled piece [...]