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Where Pumpkins Come From

The blog Pregnant Chicken rounded up a whole slew of pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns that were arranged and carved in such a way as to illustrate a pumpkin giving birth. Many of them appear to be from obstetrician’s offices and maternity wards, because they need Halloween decorations, too! Be warned that as funny as they [...]

The Anatomy of a Pumpkin

Who knew jack-o-lanterns had such stunning skulls inside. They must be pretty fragile because I never see them while carving my pumpkins. Link Via BuzzFeed

9 Halloween Pumpkin Projects

There are traditional Jack-o-Lanterns with a face carved on the front and a candle inside. Then there are art pumpkins, with skillfully carved scenes of all kinds. A third category contains the geeky Jack-o-Lanterns that do something strange and unexpected, like the ones we are looking at today. 1. RoboPumpkin Yes, this is a real pumpkin! The [...]

10 Robot Jack-O-Lanterns

Photo: flickr user Ang & Nick Botropolis (a robot-themed blog) has pictures of 10 Jack-O-Lanterns modeled to look like robots. Pictured above is Punk-O-Tron, a work by flickr user Ang & Nick. Others are inspired by Transformers, Star Wars, and Short Circuit. Link via Gizmodo

10 Quirky Marriage Proposals

Since the mental_floss article Modern Marriage Proposals was published in 2007, I have read about many more marvelous methods men have used to asked for their sweetheart’s hand in marriage, plus a couple of proposals that started out traditionally and ended up in the news because of embarrassing unforeseen circumstances. 1. Hay Bales William Butler took advantage [...]