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Triceratops vs. Torosaurus: The Dinopocalypse

So you may recall that back in 2010, Jack Horner, the famous paleontologist who partly inspired Jurassic Park, co-authored a paper arguing that the dinosaur Triceratops didn’t exist — that in fact, it was the adult version of Torosaurus. Even weirder, Horner and colleagues later argued that there is a sort of teen version [...]

How to Hatch a Dinosaur

Jack Horner is seeking funding for a project in which he would reverse-engineer a dinosaur using chickens. Horner has already rejected the Jurassic Park method of cloning dinosaur DNA (he was a consultant on the film). Instead, he plans to switch on ancient traits that still exist in the DNA of modern birds. Already, researchers have [...]

Jack Horner on Dinosaurs, Chickens, and Dino-Chickens (!)

Remember Jack Horner, the paleontologist who inspired a character in Jurassic Park (Dr. Alan Grant) and who was a technical consultant on the film? Of course you do. He’s probably the most famous dinosaur hunter in the world. I’ve heard about this guy since the 90′s, but never heard him speak. He recently gave a [...]

10 Nursery Rhymes and Their Origins

What child doesn’t love nursery rhymes? It is this love which has allowed so many of these tales to survive hundreds of years. While many nursery rhymes are innocent stories, some contain morals and others have sinister or political underlying meanings. This list looks at ten popular nursery rhymes and their origins (or speculated origins). 10 Humpty [...]