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The Wealthy Roma

Photo: Karla Gachet and Ivan Kashinsky There are two million Roma (or "gypsies" as you may know them, though that term is considered derogatory by the Romani people) in Romania, [...]

Jack Daniel’s Has An Incredibly Nice Trademark Lawyer

When Patrick Wensink used the artwork on the left for his book, he didn’t realize their would be any problem, but sure enough, Jack Daniels stepped in to protect their trademark. Unlike just about ever other trademark lawyer ever though, Jack Daniel’s lawyer Christy Susman was actually nice about the matter, sending the letter above [...]

What’s the difference between scotch, whiskey and bourbon?

This might be common knowledge for some, but not for many, including my wife (who turned down Harvard, btw! , so I thought it worth posting about. The main difference between scotch and whisky is geographic, but also ingredients and spellings. Scotch is whisky made in Scotland, while bourbon is whiskey made in the U.S.A, [...]

4 Unappetizing Product Launch Disasters

Supermarket and fast food history is littered with perplexing products that seemingly never should have made it to the market in the first place. While everyone remembers New Coke and Crystal Pepsi as epic blunders, they’re not the only major missteps that otherwise successful food-and-drink companies have made. Let’s take a look at four other [...]