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17 Famous Actors in Tiny Background Parts

Before they were headlining movies and TV shows, these celebs were just like everyone else trying to make it in Hollywood: thrilled to call home to report that the “Flight Attendant #3” role was totally in the bag. Check out a few of today’s big names back when they were cast as no-names. 1. Jason Segel [...]

Jason Segel, Jack Black and Will Ferrell as the Hitchhiking Ghosts

For its new ad campaign, Disney engaged famous photographer Annie Leibovitz to feature comedians Jason Segel, Jack Black and Will Ferrell as the Hitchhiking Ghosts from its Haunted Mansion ride. Yahoo’s Shine blog has the [...]

12 Attempts to Bribe Celebrities for Worthy Causes

Want to contribute to a worthy cause and get your favorite celebrity to do something awesome and/or ridiculous? That’s the idea behind Charity Bribes. Anyone can post something awesome or bizarre for a specific celebrity to do. These ideas go on a master list, where the good people of the Internet vote for their favorites. [...]

The 6 Weirdest Kid’s Shows Ever

Sure Fraggle Rock, The Smurfs and most other kid’s shows are a little strange, but these are nothing compared to the Teletubbies. If you really want to know just how bizarre children’s programming can get though, just take a look at these strange shows that make the Teletubbies look like a study in logical thought. Tomorrow’s [...]

The Late Movies: Sweded Films

In the 2008 movie Be Kind Rewind, Jack Black refilmed, or “sweded” popular movies on the cheap instead of buying them. People do this all the time for the fun of it, and the results are often wonderful because of the innovations necessary to get around the fact that you have no budget for the [...]

The Late Movies: Cameos by Famous Actors in Not-So-Famous Movies

What do The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven and Zoolander have in common? They all contain brief appearances by familiar faces — and all were also hits with viewers. These clips show something more rare: cameos by well-known actors in not-very-popular films. Jack Black in Melvin Goes to Dinner Dustin Hoffman in The Holiday Lindsay Lohan and James Franco [...]

Real Schools of Rock

I’m sure you all remember the recent film School of Rock, starring Jack Black. It was only after that film came out that I realized there really were schools of rock in the world — non-fantastical places where kids could learn to play electric guitar, the drums, the bass, and how to make death-metal faces [...]

Top 10 Movies About Movies

Some of the best writing is that which is motivated by personal experience. How much more personal can a filmmaker get than creating a movie about the trials and tribulations of making a movie? Here is a list of ten of the best films about filmmaking. Be sure to add your own favorites to the [...]