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Andrew Stanton on Storytelling: “Make Me Care”

In a new TED Talk from last week, director Andrew Stanton (Toy Story, WALL•E) tells some stories…including a famously profane story, that includes a single, deliciously well-placed f-bomb (in the first few minutes). If you don’t mind that one four-letter-word, you’ll love this talk — Stanton is a terrific filmmaker, and watching him talk [...]

Tonight: Trek Nation on Science Channel

Set your DRVs for “Trek Nation” tonight (November 30, 2011) at 8pm ET/PT on the Science Channel. If you’re going to watch one documentary about Star Trek, it should be Trekkies. But if you’re going to watch two, the second should be Trek Nation, premiering tonight on the Science Channel. Trek Nation puts Star [...]

Star Trek Bloopers

I love bloopers, and I love Star Trek. Below, I’ve collected some classic and more recent Trek bloopers. Prepare to board the Starship Enterbloop! (Blooperprise? Enterbloop, for sure.) The Original Series Lots of walking into doors, makeup problems, and cracking up. See also: this collection of clips lacking audio. The Next Generation/Deep [...]

J.J. Abrams Asks If You Can Think of a Better “Lost” Ending

Just like “The Sopranos” the hit J.J Abrams show “Lost” had an ending that you either loved or hated. Now an irritated Abrams is asking fans how they would have ended the show better. So what would your Lost ending have been had you been in J.J.’s shoes? “For years, I had people praising Lost to [...]