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Bat Men

Starring Roger Sterling as Two-Face, Harley Quinn as Peggy Olson, the Joker as Don Draper, Pete Campell as the Riddler and Joan Holloway as Poison Ivy. Bill Walko made a great cartoon and a great premise for a TV series. But I agree with Jeremy Barker, “it gives too much credit to Pete.” Link and Artist’s Website -via [...]

Dragon*Con Cosplay Pictures

Look out for that big patch of Poison Ivy! Photographer Bill Watters is at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, bringing back images of the best cosplayers showing their stuff. Geeks Are Sexy has two galleries up already, with photographs from day three to be posted sometime today. Link to gallery one. Link to gallery two. (Image credit: [...]

25 Fictional Characters Posing With mental_floss

You’ve already seen celebrities posing with Mental Floss at the Motor City Comic Con, but have you ever wondered whether your favorite fictional characters would enjoy the magazine? Thanks to the San Diego Comic Con, we were able to find out that, whether given to real celebrities or fictional icons, Mental Floss is always a [...]

The Cube

Today, Neatorama’s literature blog Bitlit is proud to introduce a new book: The Cube by Nat Karody. Were you disappointed by the ending to the series Lost? What follows is a story with as intricate a mythology as Lost’s but with an important difference: in the end it is all explained mechanistically, without resort to mysticism [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Archaic Christmas Carol Words Explained

Many of us – me included – sing Christmas songs without giving a second thought to the lyrics. If you’re paying attention, though, there are some pretty ancient terms mixed in with all of the Fa-La-La-La-La-ing. Here’s the meaning of 10 of them – feel free to impress your friends and family with trivia as [...]

Terrible #1 Movies

Coed Magazine has a pretty accurate list of movies that opened at number one that, in retrospect, fell critically flat. While I see their point about The Phantom Menace, I would have substituted it for The Day The Earth Stood Still (2008). Here’s their scathing summary of Batman and Robin: Or, the movie that destroyed the Batman [...]

Nature Reclaiming Abandoned Houses in Detroit

Across many cities in the United States, hundreds of thousands of foreclosed and abandoned homes turned some neighborhoods into urban blight … but nowhere is the effect as acutely felt as in Detroit. Sweet Juniper blog has an interesting post about how nature is now reclaiming some of those abandoned houses. They use the description “feral [...]

A Few Quick Poison Ivy Facts

Summer is winding down, but a lot of us are still venturing through the local flora and fauna bare-legged. As a public service, we thought we’d scratch up some poison ivy facts. • Poison ivy can be found in every U.S. state except for California, Alaska and Hawaii (California has plenty of poison oak, however) and [...]