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Parking Space is Now a Park

When Svante Myrick became the mayor of Ithaca, New York, earlier this year, he gave up driving to work every day in favor of walking. However, the mayor has a permanent prime parking space in front of City Hall. To keep the space from going to waste, Myrick has turned it into a tiny public [...]

Don’t Hold Back, Just Push Things Forward

(vimeo link) How many different songs can you include in a mashup and make it sound good? Chris from Ithaca Audio proves that if you know what you’re doing, the answer is “all of them.” The tune is available as a free download. Link -via Buzzfeed

The Lesser-Known Namesakes of 4 Selective Schools

You know the schools, but do you know the names behind them? 1. William Marsh Rice (Rice University, Houston, Tex.) Wealthy Houston merchant and investor William Marsh Rice planned to leave most of his fortune to the development of a new university. But in 1900, he suffered a demise of the untimely variety when he wound up [...]