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Doctor Who Meets Disney

Isn’t it every girls dream to be swept away on a magic carpet ride, under the sea, with a glass slipper- into a TARDIS? I mean that is how I pick up girls… …because I just happen to have a spare time and dimension traveling device laying around. Some fan art of Ducktor Who Doctor Who [...]

A Truly Awesome Nude Shower Scene

(Videos Link) Sorry to get your hopes up kids, but this isn’t a hot shower video, it’s just an adorable one featuring a simply precious furless little rat getting a good scrub on. Via I Can Has Cheeseburger

22 Incredibly Creepy Toys

Now isn’t this just a lovely thing to have around for the kids? I wish I knew the original source of this picture. It looks like something you may be able to purchase at Etsy, although the human teeth may make it a limited edition toy. It’s part of Buzzfeed’s collection of 22 incredibly creepy [...]

Spaghetti Ice Cream

This culinary wonder isn’t spaghetti, but an ice cream sundae made to look like it. Spaghetti eis is a German creation dating back to the 60s. It consists of vanilla ice cream formed into noodles and topped with strawberry syrup. Link -via Offbeat Home | Photo: gillyberlin

Sculptures Made Out Of Photographs

Susy Oliveira isn’t content with letting photographs lay around looking all flat and boring, so she shapes them into three dimensional sculptures that put the gee in geometrical. What would be considered dead wrong in the world of texturing CGI models looks rather fantastic on the surface of a humanoid shaped paper sculpture, sprawled out on [...]

A Brit Announcing An NBA Game = Comedy Gold

(YouTube Link) The average Brit knows as much about the NBA as the average American knows about Arsenal and FIFA, which is why it’s hilarious to hear one of the Queen’s own announce a game between “the Clappers” (sic) and the Spurs. And, although the game isn’t real therefore the announcer isn’t currently employed by ESPN to [...]

The Missing Links: That Cute Lion Wants to Have Your Child Over for Dinner

Choosy Expectant Moms Choose Cigs Holy Moly. Imagine if this ad appeared today. * Don’t Play Games With Your Food. Especially If It’s My Child. That lion at the zoo isn’t looking to make your son or daughter a quick meal. It wants to take its time. * Why Isn’t There a Wikipedia Page for Binaca? Our editor Jason English recently discovered [...]

Get the Wolf Boy, Get Him

(Video Link) No, this isn’t in slow motion, this dog is just very, very sneaky. No matter how sneaky he is though, a real wolf would notice him before he got that close. Via BoingBoing

Cherry Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast

Woah, now, that cheesecake isn’t a proper, healthy breakfast! You need to modify it a bit. Mix it with cherries, shove it inside some challah, then batter your bread with an egg mixture. Soon enough, you’ll have some healthy French toast. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photo: Brooklynsupper

This Isn’t The Bento Box You’re Looking For

Just kidding, there isn’t any droid activity going on with this bento box, just the most delicious Jawa you’ve ever seen. It’s hard to tell, but the guy is made from Philly-style tofurky, forbidden rice and nori, while the background is a chickpea spread on pita over a sky of red cabbage. Link Via Geeks Are [...]