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Immune Attack: Video Game To Teach Kids About Cell Biology

Isaac Asimov’s Fantastic Voyage is one of my favorite books ever, so I found this pretty neat: The Federation of American Scientists has developed a video game called Immune Attack to teach high school kids the basics of cell biology. The game involves navigating a nanobot through a 3D environment of blood vessels and connective [...]

Philosophy in Science Fiction

Blogger Kenny Pearce is developing a bibliography of works of science fiction that are particularly noteworthy for expressing a philosophical worldview or premise. He presents several categories, such as Mind, Solipsism, and Sex and Gender. Some of the stories that he lists are available online, like Isaac Asimov’s “The Last Question” — a confrontation with [...]

13 Examples of Literature in Song

It’s no real surprise that Wikipedia has a thorough list of these, but it’s interesting to parse through the many, and find a neat collection of songs and albums that were based on, or influenced by books. Led Zeppelin has a┬áscatological┬ályric library referencing JRR Tolkien, but let’s see what else is out there. 13. Alan Parson’s [...]

The Evolution of Space Food

The following is a reprint from Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Plunges Into the Universe. Throughout history, intrepid adventurers and successful armies of conquest have marched on their stomachs. The wagon trains and cattle drives that opened the American frontier would have stalled without Cookie and his chuck wagon. Camp cooks have always ruled their little kingdoms, [...]